Wooden Wine Racks for Residential Wine Cellars in California

Your wine rack design is a big factor that contributes to the overall appearance of your storage space. Learn how wood can create a striking wine display in your California residential wine cellar. 

Your Choice of Racking Contributes to the Beauty of Your California Residential Wine Cellar

wood wine rackingIn the planning stage of wine cellar construction, one of the most challenging tasks is to design the racking. Nowadays, more and more wine collectors want to have, not just a safe environment for their collection, but also a beautiful place for enjoying wine with friends. Your choice of racking is a big factor that contributes to the overall appearance and mood of your wine room at home.

A specialist can help you meet the aesthetic requirements that you desire for your custom wine cellar. It is best to inform your builder about the type and style of wine racks that you want to be installed in the cellar. This way, they can visualize your space, and create a beautiful racking design according to your own taste and requirements.

There are important factors that must be considered to determine the most suitable racking option for you.  These include the size of your room, the number of wines you intend to store, your budget, how you want to display your wines, and the mood that you want to achieve in your cellar. After the assessment of these factors, it will be easier to know what material to be used, and the components and features that should be included in your storage racks.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, a top-notch builder in California, has designed exceptionally beautiful custom wine racks with wood. The aesthetic appeal of wood cannot be underestimated in building sophisticated home wine cellars.

Achieve Exceptional Wine Rack Design with Wood

Wood is a favorite material in wine rack construction. Its timeless beauty is unparalleled. Its warmness, earthy look, and fine grains are pleasing to the eye.

Wooden wine racks are compared to a chameleon because they blend well into any existing décor in your home. They can be customized into various designs, adding uniqueness to your home wine cellar. Some wood species look more attractive when stained or painted. Others look better when left unfinished.

There are different wood species that you can choose from. Some of these are mahogany, redwood, pine, and alder.

Mahogany Wine Racks

mahogany wine racks

Mahogany Wine Racks

When it comes to beauty, mahogany is a top choice. Its reddish-brown color will provide your collection a stunning storage place. The wood’s color becomes darker over time. Because of mahogany’s flexibility, the design options are almost endless.

Mahogany wine racks are simply gorgeous, even when unstained, but looks more elegant when stained and lacquered.

There are two varieties of mahogany—prime mahogany and amber blaze. Prime mahogany exhibits a gorgeous grain pattern, making it ideal not only in building custom wine racks, but also for high-end cabinetry and interior finishing. It is beautiful, even when unstained. If you want a more sophisticated look, you may opt to accentuate the beautiful grain by staining and lacquering it.

Amber blaze is another variety of mahogany. It is widely-used by residential wine cellar builders in building luxurious wine storage facilities. Its distinct dark reddish brown hue lends an elegant appeal, thus you can leave it unfinished. If you prefer a reddish sheen in your racking, you may polish it. Choosing this wood for your wine racks will make your wine room a classy place for entertaining friends.

Redwood Storage Racks

wooden wine racks

Redwood Wine Racks

pine wine racking

Pine Wine Racks

Redwood is also one of the favorite choices in California residential wine cellar projects. As the name implies, the wood has a reddish color.

When stained and lacquered, the lovely grain patterns of this wood are emphasized, creating an exceptional look in your wine cellar.

Pine Wine Racks

There are wine connoisseurs who love a vintage look for their wine cellar. If you’re one of them, choosing a racking made of pine is recommended. Pine is a light colored wood with some eye-catching knots and grain patterns. These features give pine wine racks a decorative look, and an ability to fit both traditional and modern styled homes.

This type of wood will easily go well with any wall color, and with other furniture pieces in your wine cellar. A more custom look is achieved when your pine racks are stained.

Custom Wood Wine Rack Features for an Attractive Display

Hosting dinner parties at home is a great time to show off your collection to your friends. Visually appealing presentation of wine is something that you can be proud of.  There are different racking components or features that create an impressive display of your wines.

Waterfall Display Racks

waterfall wine displays

Waterfall Wine Display Racks

Waterfall wine racks provide a brilliant way to showcase your collection, creating a cascading display of bottles in your California residential wine cellar.

You can choose to have the racks extend toward the center of the room, on one side or on both sides of your custom wine cellar. You may opt for a single-deep or double-deep racking depending on your personal preference. The waterfall display wine rack is a dramatic way to display your favorite vintages in your wine cellar.

Rolling Ladder

wine cellar rolling ladder

Wine Cellar Rolling Ladder

For tall wine racking systems, a custom rolling ladder is a good option. The ladder can be moved from one wall to another, allowing you to safely utilize out of reach storage slots in a stylish way.  It adds a distinctive feature to your space and can be made of the same wood as your racking.


wine cellar tabletops


Another accent piece that you can add to your wine racking system is the tabletop. It provides you and your guests a nice place for decanting and drinking wine. It can also accommodate other wine accessories that you want to display.

Reclaimed oak wine barrel is one of the most popular materials for constructing tabletops. Integrating repurposed material in your racking will make your wine cellar a one-of-a-kind storage space.

An Expert Can Create an Exceptional Wine Rack Display for You

Do you want to have a visually appealing wine display? Make sure that your wine rack system is designed with creativity. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has installed residential wine cellars in California with exceptionally designed wine racks. With their passion and creativity, they can make your dream custom wine cellar a “feast for the eyes.”

Contact them today at (949) 355-4376 or request a custom wine cellar design for FREE!

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