Wine Cellar Installations Orange County, Irvine, California

Wine Cellar Installations Orange County, Irvine, California

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Wine Cellar Installation Irvine, California

garage befor the Irvine California wine cellar framing

Our Client’s Garage Before the Irvine CaliforniaWwine Cellar Framing

Hello! Thank you for visiting Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. I’d like to take you on a video tour of a wine cellar installation project we recently completed in Southern California, Orange County, a town that is Irvine California.

We met a doctor, a surgeon actually, who has a nice size collection of wines and enjoyed collecting wines from different regions and areas of the world.  He really likes a lot of red wines. He had a cabinet to store a hundred couple of bottles or so.

Irvine Binder California wine cellar arched door frame

Framing the 4-Car Garage for Wine Cellar Installation Irvine, Orange County, California

He suddenly came a across a much larger collection inherited some wines from a relative who passed away in the Northern part of California. So he needed a place rather quickly to store these wines. So the dilemma became where to do so. In this case, the doctor had a 4-car garage.

What we’re looking at here is the back half of the 4-car garage that we’re framing in. So this is what the 4-car garage looked like before we get to begin the framing. We actually framed across this line, approximately where this line is right here.

And we framed in an arched opening, so a  pair of doors went here into the garage. And as you can see, we’re sealing the walls with a vapor barrier to make the room air tight, preparing the room for insulation, dry wall, and so on. We did raise the floor so there was a level as well.

The 3D Drawings

Everyone who comes to Coastal Custom Wine Cellars will receive the same 3-dimensional design package that we shared with the doctor. This is the oversee plan views, which is the overhead view, elevations of each wall, the bottle capacities are posted here on the top right.

And then this particular design which achieved 2,138 bottles, how those bottles break down into different components are posted just above that. You can see we have wooden wine racks around the perimeter of the room.

Here the entry we’ve got kind of a soft entry with this true radius curve quarter round display shelves these are for decorative displays, and as we move forward to the 3D drawings, you’ll get a better idea of what we have achieved here.

Irvine California wine cellar drawing plan view

3D Wine Cellar Drawing by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Wine Rack Components

Irvine Binder California wine cellar installation Lattice Arch

Back Wall Racking with Lattice Arch and Granite Tabletop

Irvine Binder California wine cellar framing

This rectangular-shaped at elevation E is actually a free-standing tasting table. We included a beautiful white granite table top in this area, as well as the smaller table top of A.

Back Wall Racking

Irvine California wine cellar elevation A

So let’s take a look at Elevation A, which is directly across the entry. Centered on the wall and arch interventions are posted there. We have a table top.

Below the table top is cabinetry and drawers for wine accoutrements, napkins, liquor bottles, wine glasses could be stored at the cabinetry.

Irvine Binder California wine cellar horizontal label forward display rack

Label Forward Display

To the left of the cabinetry on the bottom half of the racks and to the right, we have a diamond bin configuration for bulk storage.

We included a small amount of  horizontal label forward display. It certainly left some character to the wine room, and showed off some of his favorite wine labels.

These openings here on the bottom rack are actually for magnums, 1.5 liters, where these here wills store 750 ml.  All the wine racks rest on a 1 ½ toe kick. We do have difft sizes up to 4 inches, but different size base moldings. But this particular design calls for an inch and a half. We place a decorative face trim or face trim molding there.

The display row here, the high-reveal display row, as you can see from the side views, the bottles slightly pitched at a 15-degree angle. The liquid still is in contact with the cork so you don’t have to worry about losing a bottle of wine.

Right Wall Racking

Irvine California wine cellar elevation B

Elevation B is the right side wall. The doctor had me for some wood case storage and some bulk storage. So we included here these icons here by the way represent wood cases. These are the bulk storage openings.

They are all on pull out or roller shelves, commercial grade roller,s so the ergonomics of it is just pulling it out and lifting it makes it a little bit easy for the client.

Front Racking

Elevation C, these are the quarter round display show the dimension. They are right here at the entry. Just a plank in the entry are diamond bins for bulk storage. High-reveal display row and single bottle storage just above there.

Left Racking

Irvine California wine cellar elevation DThis is the far left wall as you enter. For the most part, mirrors. The far right side wall, which is elevation B where we had the wood cases.

However, we’ve left an opening for a self-contained exterior vent cooling unit. We used the CellarPro.

The CellarPro refrigeration unit is fantastic for venting to the outdoors as it will deal with the temperatures up to 105 degrees, and still be able to create the 55 to 60-degree environment you need for your Irvine, California wine cellar.

Elevation D was the tabletop. This is a side view with ingle bottle storage below the granite that we included here. These are the end caps, more of the label forward horizontal displays.

Contact a California Builder to Start Your Residential Wine Cellar Installation Project

These 3D views will certainly give us much better view of how all these tied together. So if you’d like to create a California residential wine cellar, it’s really not that hard. It’s probably not that expensive as you might think. Give us a call at (949) 355-4376. We will be glad to get you started. Cheers!


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