How to Install Modern Minimalist Design Metal Wine Racks

When it comes to the storage place of your wine collection, don’t settle for anything mediocre. Your prized bottles deserve a stellar storage space. Think of a style that exudes elegance with a modern twist. Create a contemporary minimalist design wine cellar by using Vintage View Wall Series metal racks!

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There is now no limit on how you want to install your metal wine racks, because the Floor to Ceiling Frames allow you to mount your displays at any height, including the most challenging angles and difficult-to-reach areas.

Modern Custom Wine Cellar Designs in California

It’s easy to decide to keep a stock of wines in a kitchen closet. But, this decision can cost you the flavor of these beverages. If you want to experience your bottles at their best, you need to invest in a good storage system for your collection.

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So, you’ve decided to have your own wine cellar built. The next thing to do is to call a contractor and have the construction begin immediately, right? Wrong!  There’s more to wine cellar building than just that. Don’t miss out on the fun of planning your wine room design!

The trend today is modern minimalist. To create a contemporary custom wine cellar, you should use products that will help create an up-to-date design. Metal racking systems, for example, are ideal for building wine storage spaces with a very current look.

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Metal wine racks help create a contemporary-looking storage structure. If you’re a fan of modern wine cellars in California, you should consider installing steel displays from Vintage View!

Wall Series Metal Racking Collection by Vintage View

Click for a larger image!You want the best for your wine collection! Vintage View Storage Solutions offers top-of-the-line metal wine racks. Their Wall Series, which is one of their most availed racking collections, is a set of wall-mounted metal displays that are to die for! You will definitely be head over heels with the designs!

If your wine collection is over a hundred, sometimes it can take a tedious amount of time to locate a certain bottle. Vintage View specializes in creating label-forward racks. You won’t have any more trouble looking for your favorite bottles with these steel display systems, because they are designed in such a way that the wine labels can easily be seen at a glance.

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The Wall Series metal wine racks from Vintage View Storage Solutions are made from the most durable steel. They all have a label-forward design to help you identify your favorite bottles quickly!

The Wall Series racking systems are simply gorgeous, and they are also robust! You can be assured that these metal displays are durable because they are made from commercial-grade steel. If you want to customize their appearance, you can also choose from a variety of finish options available, namely: satin black, brushed nickel, chrome plated, and black chrome. This patented steel rack collection has options for all sizes of bottles, including standard 750ml wines to magnum or large-format bottles.

Watch this Installation Guide Video for Reference:

Things You’ll Need:

  • Click for a larger image!Wall Series base and neck strip
  • Spiral drywall anchors
  • Mounting hole caps
  • Toggle bolts
  • Couplers
  • Screws
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • Drill and appropriate bits
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Level

STEP 1: Lay Out the Wall

  1. Start at least 2 ¾ inches from the wall or any obstruction
  2. Mark the location of the first stripClick for a larger image!
  3. Measure 7.5 inches from centerline to the placement of the other strip
  4. For multiple columns; a minimum of 5 ½ inches is needed (centerline to centerline) from the outside strip of one column to the inside strip of the next
  5. See instructions for spacing requirements for ½, magnum and larger format size bottles

STEP 2: Mark Hole Locations

  1. Hold your strip against the wall, centered on the first mark at the appropriate height
  2. Level the rack, then mark the hole locationsClick for a larger image!

STEP 3: Install Anchors

TIP: For drywall installs, drill a pilot hole first

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  1. If you hit a stud, fasten rack directly to stud using provided screws
  2. Top hole: Drill a 13/32 inch hole for the toggle bolt
  3. Bottom holes: Screw the spiral drywall anchors into the wall at the marked locations until the anchor head is flush with the wall

STEP 4: Hang the First Strip

  1. Remove the expanding nuts from the toggle bolts
  2. Insert bolts through top mounting hole
  3. Thread expanding nut-wings facing the bolt head
  4. Gently push the expanding nut through the 13/32 inch drill hole, ensuring wings fully expandClick for a larger image!
  5. Tighten the bolt, verifying the rack aligns with the bottom spiral anchors
  6. Secure the rest of the strip through the bottom mounting screws
  7. Fully tighten the toggle boltClick for a larger image!

TIP: If stacking the multiple racks, remove the end plug prior to installation

For wood installs, screw directly into all marked holes

STEP 5: Hang the Second Strip

Repeat the previous steps with the second strip, centering it with the mark on your wall ensuring that the tops of the strips are level

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STEP 6: Wrap Things Up!

  1.  Install the mounting hole caps
  2. Stack your racks (optional)
  3. Stack any Wall Series racks by replacing the end plug with the supplied couplers
  4. Start adding bottles
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    Vintage View Wine Racks are known for manufacturing stylish metal racks that are suitable for contemporary design cellars in California. Their Wall Series is one of their most sought-after steel display collections. Get to know more about Vintage View by clicking on the image!

Consult a Wine Storage Design Expert in California!

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Our design specialists here at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars are more than willing to help you build your dream wine room. Give us a call today, and let’s discuss how you want your wine cellar to look! You can reach us through (888) 735-8889 TOLL-FREE!

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