Contemporary Wine Cellar Installation: Vintage View Metal Racks

Vintage View Metal Racking Systems are the best choice for creating a contemporary feel inside your wine cellar. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers these racks for both commercial and residential installations. These beautiful wine racks come in various finish options. Powder coating is also available, so that clients can customize the color of these racking systems to meet their specific design needs. 

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Metal Wine Racks for Modern Cellars in California

Wine storage structures come in various styles and designs. To achieve a certain look for a cellar, the materials used for the construction of its parts should be considered. A country-style, traditional-looking wine cellar should use more wooden products. But, if you want to achieve a more modern appearance and a contemporary ambiance, you should install metal wine racks.

Vintage View Wine Rack Displays

Click image for a larger view!Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers durable and aesthetically appealing metal racking systems for both residential and commercial storage spaces.

When you enter your cellar to look for a certain bottle, how long does it take you to find the wine that you want? Vintage View metal racks allow bottles to be displayed with their labels facing forward, so that you can immediately identify your favorite vintages. Since you lessen the time you spend inside the wine room looking for a bottle, you also prevent temperature fluctuations in the cellar. Frequent opening of the storage space – plus your body heat inside the room – can cause changes in the coolness inside the cellar, which can damage your wines.

Wines have to be stored at the right temperature and humidity, so that they can mature properly. Sometimes, the cool air in the cellar can’t reach bottles that are kept in hard-to-reach areas. Vintage View metal racks have an open airflow design, which helps the coolness in your wine room evenly circulate to all of the bottles. The equal distribution of temperature throughout all of your collection helps protect your wines from spoilage.

Click image for a larger view!1. The Wall Series by Vintage View

The Wall Series metal wine racks come in label-forward designs. These modular racking systems are offered in four standard heights and three bottle depths. This patented series also have options for large-format bottles, such as magnums and champagnes.

Each module is stackable, allowing customized configurations for wine cellars that have limited spaces. Vintage View Wall Series racks are built using high-grade steel, and they are available in four finishes, namely: satin black, brushed nickel, chrome, and black chrome.

Click image for a larger view!2. The Vino Series by Vintage View

This modular type of racking series is a design slate that will inspire you to create your own masterpiece. This type of racking option allows you to explore your artistic side. Vino Series wine racks provide a contemporary-style wine storage system that starts by the bottle.

Click image for a larger view!The Vino Series Pins, Rails, and Styx are minimalist, single-bottle metal wine racks. So, instead of the usual linear racking configuration, the Vino Series allows you to start with one bottle rack, and lets you build your own racking system that can hold from one to as many bottles as you want.

These metal wine racks are available in brushed nickel, satin black, milled aluminum, and anodized black finishes.

3. The Evolution Series by Vintage View

Click image for a larger view!These racking systems give a modern twist to a freestanding wine rack. The modular racks in this series are constructed from a combination of steel rods and acrylic support, which creates a distinctly innovative style.

Evolution wine racks are lightweight and easy to assemble. They are available in standard 4, 6, and 8- foot heights with extension kits that can meet any storage requirements.

These contemporary racks are great options for stand-alone wine storage systems. Their modular nature allows various customization options on how they can be set up. The transparent parts of the racks can be accentuated using creative LED lighting installations.

4. The Floor to Ceiling Frame Series by Vintage View

Click image for a larger view!With this series, the limitations we had on wall mounting are gone, and you can store your wines wherever you want! More specifically, this modular system provides infinite installation possibilities to the Wall Series wine racks. The frames allow the racks to be installed around windows, challenging angles, and difficult-to-reach heights.

These robust steel frames are also used to build walls of bottles, which can be used as room dividers. Cellar builders love the Floor to Ceiling Frame Series because they can design and create towering wine displays that can be as high as any ceiling height.

The Floor to Ceiling Frame Series is available in brushed nickel, chrome, black chrome, and satin black finishes.

Watch the Installation Guide Video here:

Click image for a larger view!What you need:
1. FCF Sections

2. Base Plates

3. Plastic couplers

4. Self-drilling screws

5. Wall series wine racks

6. Phillips head screw driver

7. Tape Measure

8. Metal file

9. Pencil

10. Level

11. Drill

Click image for a larger view!1. Measure Ceiling Height & Mark Frames

2. Insert plastic couplers into the open ends of one FCF section.

3. Lay frame next to the other section, interlaced.

4. Position the frames so that the measurement from top to bottom of the base plates is equivalent to your ceiling height.

5. At the widest part of the coupler, mark both legs of the other frame section.

6. Using a reciprocating saw, a band saw, or a hacksaw; squarely cut both legs of the frame at the cat mark.

7. File cut ends until smooth.

8. Slide the frame together using couplers.

9. Secure your wall series racks to the front and back of the frame using the self-drilling screws.

Click image for a larger view!10. Ensure the joint is supported fully on both sides.

11. If creating a one-sided display, an FCF-Back is required for support.

12. Stand the rack in the desired location and ensure that the frame is plumb in all directions.

13. Attach your base plate to the ceiling using the appropriate fasteners for the ceiling material.

14. Make sure that the frame is still level. Then, secure the base plate to the floor.

15. Start adding wine bottles.

Wine Cellar Design Consultation Services

Want to have a stand-out design for your wine room? Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers assistance and consultation in conceptualizing your storage space. Our experts are trusted designers and builders in California with over a decade of experience in constructing effective cellars for residential and commercial purposes. For more information about our services, call us today at +1 (949) 355-4376!