Superior California Wine Cellar Designs by Coastal

It is not surprising that in California, homes, restaurants, bars, and other commercial establishments prefer their wine cellars to be custom built. Custom wine cellars are designed and built according to their own creative ideas and requirements. After all, California is where a great bulk of grapes are grown in various vineyards across the state and where tasty and popular wines are made. It is not surprising that locals would include wine collecting and wine drinking to their past times.

One company in California that is dependable when it comes to building distinctive custom wine cellars is Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. Recently, the talented and innovative people of Coastal have built superior custom wine cellars for various local clients, both for residential and commercial use.

Coto de Caza, Orange County Residential Wine Cellar

One project was in Coto De Caza in Orange County. This was a residential designer project and is considered prestigious in its entirety. This beautiful California wine cellar is located under a stairwell which is quite long and uneven. However, the designer maximized the space, and interestingly enough the maximum number of wine bottles it can house reached 514.

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Coto de Caza Residential Wine Cellar Orange County California

The wine racking was maximized, thus increasing the storage capacity. The wine racks were custom built in Mahogany and were painted with a high quality stain and finish.

The wine cellar door was also custom built according to the sketch made by the owner. The Tuscan 8’ wine cellar door is made of clear alder wood and has a rustic stain that complemented the wine racks inside the wine cellar and the rest of the house on the outside. A bronze finish was used for the wrought iron design of the wine cellar door.

For the refrigeration system, a ductless split type was used, and its evaporator, although inside the wine cellar, was covered. The condenser was placed outdoors.

Aliso Viejo, Orange County Residential Wine Cellar

Another project completed by Coastal is the Aliso Viejo residential wine cellar. The existing family room and the garage were merged to be transformed into a wine cellar. Since this is a big wine room, a total bottle capacity of 1083 was achieved.

The wine cellar entryway must be able to seal in the cool temperature for the proper storage and aging of wines. For this project, dual pane Barolo glass wine cellar doors were used to ensure efficiency and high visibility of the wine bottles displayed inside. This type of door also provides a visual feast as the wines inside can be seen from different vantage points from the dining and entertainment areas, adding conversation pieces among guests and family alike.

Alisa Viejo Custom Wine Cellar

The wine cooling system used is a ductless split system. The evaporator was placed above the entryway which makes it almost unseen by guests. The evaporator component was installed outdoors.

Cooperage countertops were used to add a special and unique feature to the overall look of the wine cellar. Dual beer taps were also installed, adding another feature for the owners and guests to enjoy.

Interestingly enough, the owners opted to install a locking system for security purposes. Serious collectors spend thousands of dollars for wines, thus this kind of request from California residential wine cellar owners is not uncommon.

Furthermore, the owners of this particular wine cellar were ensured by the added capability to secure the wine cellar from the curious hands of children when the parents are not around.

Nikita Restaurant, Malibu Commercial Wine Cellar

Another project of Coastal Custom Wine Cellar is a commercial wine storage for a restaurant in Malibu. For an upscale restaurant, it is a great idea to display wine so as to attract the attention of diners while at the same time storing their collection.

Nikita Restaurant is located a few meters from Surfrider and the Malibu Pier, with its open and large windows offering an excellent view of Carbon Beach. A great view and wide array of wines is the perfect combination for many locals and tourists.

For this project, Coastal emphasized the racking system. To be able to showcase the restaurant’s wine collection, the designers used the wall space for maximum storage and display.

A Beautiful Commercial Wine Cellar

A Beautiful Commercial Wine Cellar, Nikita Restaurant in Malibu

The wine racks were made of metal with a black finish, creating an elegant look which appeals to its clientele. They are arranged in rows with 3 ft and 4 ft heights to maximize available wall space. This design allows one brand or kind of wine to be grouped in a row for a unified look and easy retrieval. The wine labels are also easily visible which adds efficiency to the whole design.

Below the wine racks are X-cube bins intended for bulk storage to offer both aesthetic and economic advantages that can be pleasing to the clientele’s eyes and restaurant’s revenue. A modern style fits a modern and picturesque environment without sacrificing function and beauty.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is dedicated to designing and installing wine cellars according to the needs and preferences of clients. For a free design request, visit their website or simply click here to fill out a request form.

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