Coastal Builds a Unique Custom Wine Cellar in a Home in Irvine, California

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of the leading storage contractors in California, successfully completed a project in Irvine, a city in Orange County. A client hired a team from Coastal to build him a uniquely designed residential wine room. The wine cellar was built using lacquered Redwood. Cooling specialists from Arctic Metalworks Inc. installed a ductless split type HVAC system in the storage structure. 

Beautiful Lacquer Finished Redwood for the Wine Racks and Wooden Storage Cases

Single Bottle Storage Racks Irvine CaliforniaWooden racks are a popular choice among wine cellar owners. There are various types of wood species on the market. The kind of wood used will determine not only the durability of the racking, but also the overall aesthetic appeal of the wine cellar. Coastal builds racks and shelves from the most popular materials, like Sapele, Mahogany, Pine, Walnut, and Redwood.

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The team of builders from Coastal decided, together with the client, that the type of wood to use for the Irvine cellar construction project was Redwood. They chose Redwood because it is one of the most durable materials. Moreover, this kind of wood is known for its preserved natural oils that make it highly resistant to moisture and mildew. Redwood is a popular choice also because of its aesthetic value. Its soft earth tone color distinctions are known to develop exquisitely over time.

Redwood is a gorgeous material for wine cellars even without a stain or finish applied. But the client in this project wanted his racks and shelves to have a more striking gloss, and so he had the contractors lacquer finish the wood.

There are various options of finishes on the market. Shellac, lacquer, polyurethane, and varnish are among the most popular choices. It is important to consult a wine cellar expert when choosing a finish, because not all of these products are compatible with all kinds of wood.

Lacquer was a good choice for the Irvine home cellar. Not only is lacquer known to be durable, but it is also well-loved because of the elegant gloss that it provides to the wood that it is applied to. As per the request of the client, Coastal’s team of builders applied a lacquer finish on the wooden racks and shelves. The client was very happy with the result because the earth tone color distinctions of his Redwood became bolder and more enhanced.

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Coastal Designs and Builds Custom Wine Racks and Wooden Storage Cases

Wooden Storage Cases Irvine CaliforniaThe open communication and contribution of ideas between the client and the team from Coastal are the reasons why the Irvine cellar construction project was a success. It was the client who suggested to the contractors to install the wooden shelves on commercial rollers. The purpose is to make wines in these boxes more accessible to the client. Instead of bending down to get bottles from the cases, the client can conveniently pull the shelves and slide them across the rollers.

Wooden storage cases that are sold on the market come in different sizes. Some of these commercial shelves can accommodate anywhere from three to twelve bottles, depending on the design. The team of builders from Coastal custom-designed wood cases for the Irvine client. Each of the shelves’ openings was large enough to accommodate large format wines, such as standard champagne bottles, Turley Zinfandels, Oregon Pinots, and Shiraz.

The contractors built a display row in one of the shelves and lined it with LED lighting. The display row did not only accentuate the wine cellar’s overall design, but it was also a means for efficiently managing stock. The client kept his collection organized by storing similar bottles above and below the display row.

Home Custom Wine Cellar Irvine California

The Irvine wine room used to have a mini cellar on one side, which was meant for storing bottles that needed to be kept at a cooler temperature (e.g. whites and champagnes). The client gave his mini cellar away, and so the area where it used to stand is left with an empty space. The team of builders from Coastal came back to the client’s home to build single bottle wine racks that will be used to fill the area where the mini cellar used to stand.

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High Grade Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installed by a Trusted Cooling Expert

An effective wine cellar should have a dependable cooling system installed. Without a high quality HVAC unit, a storage room cannot provide the required temperature and humidity to protect wines from damage. Since wine rooms vary in storage requirements, each one needs a different cooling unit. The most suitable HVAC equipment for a wine cellar depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of the structure, the amount of bottles stocked, and the climate of the region. To determine the most appropriate refrigeration system for any cellar, a cooling specialist must be consulted. For the Irvine residential wine cellar, professional HVAC technicians from Arctic Metalworks Inc. installed a ductless split type cooling unit.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Louvered Grill Irvine CaliforniaThe HVAC technicians installed the cooling system’s evaporating unit inside the cellar by mounting it on the wall. The condenser, on the other hand, was set up outside of the client’s house. The split type configuration of the refrigeration system is advantageous because the evaporator can function quietly inside the wine room. Also, the client was happy with the setup because there was no hot air exhausted inside his home.

The evaporating unit, if left unconcealed, was an eyesore in the cellar. To hide the equipment from view, the builders made a wooden box with a louvered grill for the evaporator. The material used for the box and its cover was made from the same wood that the racks and shelves were built from.

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