Features of Stylish California Commercial Wine Cellars

For residential wine cellars, the design and functionality will largely depend on the available space, preferences, and budget of the home owner. Also, it is unlikely that the wine collector will often change the layout as there are other things to consider like household budget and space.

For wine cellars in commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, wine stores, and the like, the design and functionality will depend not only on the owner’s budget and preference, but also on what may appeal to the customers. As customers may come and go inside the cellar, there should be space for people to move to have a look around.

California commercial wine cellars must be stylish to appeal to the customers so they can keep going back for repeat business. They should also be functional so as not to sacrifice business operations. Stylish commercial wine cellars will likely be classic in design, something that looks great over time. It’s not often that commercial establishments can renovate their interiors.

How to Have a Stylish California Commercial Wine Cellar

Hotels, restaurants, and wine stores must know from the start the design and theme of their interiors so that the wine racks, cooling systems, and other wine accessories can complement the overall look. This will also contribute a lot to achieving a stylish look that will attract the right clientele.

The use of tempered and specialty glass and metal or wooden wine racks, for example, will add to the stylish look as these materials are flexible enough to be used in varied ways that will complement the theme of the establishment.

Door systems for security purposes must be incorporated into the overall look without sacrificing aesthetics, but at the same time do their purpose of securing the precious wine bottles.

State of the art wine cellar refrigeration systems will help achieve the stylish look one is aiming for. No wires or pipes should be seen peeking from ceilings or walls, nor should the refrigeration unit be seen. It must be concealed in creative ways to achieve a seamless look.

The commercial wine cellar must be able to function well so as not to cripple or slow down business operations. The wine cellars must be easy to reach and wine bottles easy to retrieve. Owners of the establishment must consider not only ease of retrieval of the wine bottles, but also ease of monitoring the wine bottles for inventory.

There should also be a security system for the wines and an alarm system for the cooling units to let the owners know if maintenance is needed. The cooling system must be able to maintain desired temperatures and humidity levels.

The wine cellars must also be roomy for people traffic. If clients will be allowed inside the wine cellar itself, plush and comfortable couches must be placed in strategic areas to attract more business.

To maintain all these aspects, hotel, restaurant, and wine store owners must avail of the services of a reputable California custom wine cellar manufacturer that offers innovative design ideas for a stylish look and functionality. It is important to maintain the overall look that will attract the right clientele for business to prosper.

WINE CELLARS BY COASTAL - a Reputable California Wine Cellar Manufacturer

WINE CELLARS BY COASTAL – a Reputable California Wine Cellar Manufacturer

Wine Cellars by Coastal is an expert in both residential and commercial wine cellar construction. They make sure that they use quality materials and equipment for your wine storage space. Visit their website at http://www.winecellarsbycoastal.com/

Importance & Styles of Wine Cellar Tasting Tables

WC SEP19So much work goes into the design, creation, and maintenance of a wine cellar. Plenty of factors come into play when you own a fully functioning wine cellar. There’s, of course, the need to control the wine storage temperature and humidity levels such that the aging process of the wine is not disrupted.

The proper design of your wine racks must also be considered to have not only a functional and space-efficient wine storage area, but one that is stylish as well so that your California custom wine cellar is something you could show of to your guests.

There are also small details that make a world of difference when it comes to the design and feel of your wine cellar. Little things like aesthetic accents, mood lighting, and the wine accessories that you incorporate into your wine cellar should all be geared toward accomplishing a certain atmosphere in this special space.

 All these factors and aspects in ensuring that you have an effective wine cellar are worth it, especially when it’s time to pop a bottle and have a little wine tasting. All that effort pays off as you gather around with your family or friends and sample the exquisite vintages you have been lovingly collecting and storing. This is where having the perfect wine tasting table comes in.

Why a Wine Tasting Table is Essential in Custom Wine Cellars

Wine Tables – Perfect Accent Piece for Wine Cellars

A wine table allows you to have a functional space for your wine tasting activities. Plus, it can be the perfect accent piece to your wine cellar. It can also work as extra storage space where several more bottles can be kept.

There are varieties of wine cellar tasting table styles to choose from. Some of the more popular ones include old oak wine barrels that have been refurbished to become tasting tables as well as storage space.

A long, wooden table made of redwood provides an intimate set-up where guests can gather for a night of wine tasting. There are also tall wooden tables that can be paired with bar stools. If you lack space, half-moon style tables made of beautiful walnut wood may be your best choice. But for those who want a temporary wine table set-up, there are tables that can be folded for easy storage that don’t scrimp on design with their ornate wood carvings.

There are many other options out there, and you have the choice of purchasing a ready-built table or having a custom-made wine table. The key is to understand your purpose and budget and match it with the best possible table design, style, function, and size.

Coastal Offers Quality Wine Tasting Tables

To complement your existing wine cellar design, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers wine racks built with archway openings and table tops for the purpose of additional storage space, decanting, or showcasing wine accessories. There are also wine tasting tables which function just like the archways with table tops.

For custom wine racks, you can choose from reliable wood species (mahogany, redwood, or pine) and stains (Cherry, Chappo, Early American, Chestnut, Wheat, or Rustic).

Contact Coastal now at (888) 735-8889 or click here to request a FREE 3D wine cellar design. You may visit their website at http://www.winecellarsbycoastal.com/.

Wine Cellar Flooring Design Option – Sustainable Materials Used

Unique Wine Cellar Flooring Design by Coastal

Unique Wine Cellar Flooring Design by Coastal

Flooring design for wine cellars is a crucial component of the overall décor and appearance of a storage space.  Wine cellar flooring options come from various sources, including sustainable materials, such as vintage wine barrels and reclaimed nautical lumber.  Due to the dark and cool wine cellar environment, carpets are rarely used as flooring material; the required climate conditions can encourage mold growth in carpet fibers.

The choice of flooring material completes the look of a custom wine cellar space.  It can transform an ordinary wine storage room into an elegant wine enclave wherein wines can mature stylishly.  The flooring choice for wine cellars should be capable of retaining the combined weight of wine racking systems and wine bottles, as well as cabinetry and furniture.

Wine Barrel Flooring for Wine Cellars 

Vintage wine barrel flooring not only provides a one of a kind appearance to a custom wine room, it also promotes sustainable flooring.  Oak wine barrels have a fairly short life span of 3 to 6 years.  After these wine vessels have outlived their usefulness as storage units, they are either thrown away or used as scrap wood.  However, the demand and need for renewable products gives old wine barrels a second chance at life.

Attractive Wine Barrel Flooring

Attractive Wine Barrel Flooring

Vintage wine barrels, usually old oak wine barrels, are recycled into useful and decorative items, ranging from furniture to wine barrel flooring.  Old wine barrels as flooring for wine cellar can impart a unique and rustic feel to a storage space.  Each wine barrel component is a unique piece of artwork because no two components are exactly the same.  Recycled wood pieces from wine barrels are available in three types:  cooperage, stave, and infusion.

Wine Barrel’s Cooperage for a Unique Wine Cellar Flooring Design 

Wine Barrel Flooring with the Cooperage

Wine Barrel Flooring with the Cooperage

The cooperage is the top and bottom part of the wine barrel that features stamps and markings of the corresponding winery.  These labels are used by wineries to identify the contents of wine barrels.  The stave is comprised of the vertical wood strips that form the sides of the barrels and showcase distinctive markings from removed metal rings.  The infusion is the wood component from inside the wine barrel that features natural stains from the wine it once held.

Wine barrel flooring can be designed from combining the inside and outside wood components of wine barrels in order to create an amazing effect of shades and colors that is sure to make a custom wine cellar stand out from the rest.

Reclaimed Nautical Lumber Wine Cellar Flooring 

Another sustainable wine cellar flooring design is reclaimed nautical lumber.  Antique nautical timbers come from the ballast and cribbage of ships that navigated the seas from around the turn of the century.  These recycled products were the result of a clear-cutting of forests that transpired during the development of ports around the world.  Over 70 different wood species were identified that had their origins in various countries.

Nautical Timbers for a Distinctive Wine Cellar Flooring Design

Nautical Timbers for a Distinctive Wine Cellar Flooring Design

Reclaimed nautical timber undergoes a re-sawing process in order to maintain its character and patina.  A backing board constructed from Baltic Birch plywood is applied to the reclaimed timber to give the material structural integrity and stability.  Antique nautical lumber features marks and dents on its surface left by age and time, which lends to its enigmatic appearance and worn out appeal.

Nautical Timbers Flooring for Wine Cellars

Nautical Timbers Flooring for Wine Cellars

Reusing these rare timbers as flooring for wine cellar can bring timeless beauty and rustic charm to any wine storage space.  They not only provide a customized feel to a wine cellar, but also draw out a sense of history.

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