Get Up-to-Date! What are the Latest Trends in Wine Cellar Racks?

Wine Storage and Wine Display Racks

Wine storage and display racks are key components of proper wine storage.

Wine Storage and Display Racks

Wine Storage and Display Racks

Their function is not only to provide a system for storing, displaying and organizing a wine collection, but also to facilitate the proper placement of wine bottles during storage.

Wine racks are designed to hold bottles in a horizontal or tilted position, thereby allowing the continuous contact of the cork with the wine.

Keeping the cork moist is imperative, as this helps prevent it from drying out and shrinking, and consequently inhibits the entry of oxygen into the bottle (which could otherwise cause undesirable oxidative changes to the wine).

Installing the right combination of wine rack styles will create an efficient wine storage and display system, as well as maximize available space in a custom wine cellar.

There are a variety of wine storage and display racks available for the serious wine collector and the casual wine lover.  Wine racks come in different sizes, and are available in single, double, and triple depth configurations.

Custom wine cellar racks are made out of exotic wood species, or high quality metal pieces.  Wooden wine racks are rustic in appearance, and convey an old world appeal to a wine storage room.  Wine racking systems made from metal are perfect for a contemporary themed wine cellar space.

So what are the latest trends in wine racking? 

High Reveal Display Row with LED Lighting System

High Reveal Display Row with LED Lighting

High Reveal Display Row with LED Lighting

One of the most interesting trends in wine racking today is the addition of horizontal display rows to wine storage racks.

Wine cellar racks with high reveal display rows are not only great devices for showcasing wines, but also excellent management tools.  They display wine bottles at a 15 degree angle, which allows the cork to maintain contact with the wine.

Horizontal display rows are usually found in the middle row of a wine cellar.  This layout allows for the storage of wines above and below the display area.

Installing soft light emitting diodes, or an LED lighting system, gives a dramatic flair to the display row, and highlights the different wine selections that are laid out along the angled shelf.

In addition, this design feature makes it easy for the wine collector to find a particular wine, and read the wine labels.

Horizontal Display for Large Format Bottles

For wine collectors who have a sizable collection of large format bottles, horizontal display racks are the perfect wine storage solution.  Large bottles (e.g. magnums, double magnums, etc.) are stored in a label forward orientation.

Wine Racks with Horizontal Display for Large Format Bottles

Wine Racks with Horizontal Display for Large Format Bottles

Depending on the depth of the racking system, it can accommodate several large format wine bottles per row.  The horizontal placement of bottles promotes ease of identification and perusal of wine labels.

Diamond, X, and Rectangular Bins for Bulk Wine Storage

Diamond, X, and Rectangular Wine Storage Bins

Diamond, X, and Rectangular Wine Storage Bins

Diamond bins, X-bins, and rectangular bins are ideal for storing wines in bulk.  These wine racking bins can accommodate wine bottles of different sizes.

Wine collectors can also consolidate their wine bottles into different groups, and/or organize them in cases.

These stylish wine cellar racks maximize wine storage space by storing bottles one on top of the other.  The space between and around the stacked bottles allows for maximum air flow.

Quarter Round Display and Curved Corner Wine Display Racks

Quarter Round Wine Display Racks

Quarter Round Wine Display Racks

Quarter round wine display racks make for an excellent end cap to a wine racking system.

Although they can be used as a storage device for ready to drink wines, they are best for displaying decanters, as well as decorative items and artistic pieces.

For a smooth and seamless transition between walls, true radius curved corner wine display racks are the ideal display solution.

Corner racks with a true radius curve not only utilize corner spaces, but also create a continuous flow of wine cellar racks, without any sharp corners.

Enhanced Structural and Design Features for Wine Rack Stability and Visual Appeal

Quality is what’s important in every product.  Manufacturers of wine storage racks make sure that their products are of high quality, to meet today’s demands for a long-term wine storage facility.

Enhanced Wine Rack Stability

Enhanced Wine Rack Stability

To ensure structural integrity and add strength to the wine racking frame, wooden wine racks must be constructed with dado spacer bars.

These bars ensure that the vertical ladder structure aligns fittingly.

A toe kick height of 1 1/2″ is required to raise the wine rack off the floor.  This helps prevent unsteady movement, and consequently protects the bottles from breakage.

Hand-sanded rough edges and contours are a must for every wooden wine rack.  This removes splinters, and prevents scratches on wine labels when placing or removing wine bottles.

Various stains and finish options are available to match any interior décor, and to promote design consistency.  Choices of wood stains include: Wheat, Early American, Chestnut, Chappo, Rustic, and Cherry.

Combining Metal Wine Racks with Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden wine racks are unquestionably versatile when it comes to enhancing residential or commercial spaces, and it does not hurt to add a bit of a modern touch, if a contemporary look is desired.

Metal based wine racks are a great match for the modern themed wine cellar space.  Common metal pieces used in creating metal wine racks are stainless steel and wrought iron.

Their sleek and elegant appearance creates an eye-catching display and presentation of wine bottles.  Metal wine racks not only provide multiple design benefits, but also promote space optimization.

Metal Wine Racks & Wood Wine Racks in a Cellar

Metal Wine Racks & Wood Wine Racks in a Cellar

The most popular type of metal wine racks is VintageView metal wine racking, which makes use of stainless steel pegs in order to create a visually appealing storage and display of the finest wine bottles.

These pegs are mounted on the wall, and cradle wine bottles in a label forward orientation.

When they are combined with wooden wine racks and shelves, the effect is absolutely stunning and unique.

Take a look at the photo of a residential wine cellar on the left, wherein VintageView metal wine racks were combined with wooden wine cellar racks.

The advantages of using VintageView wine rack display systems are easy bottle recognition and inventory.  This wine racking solution has an open design that promotes maximum air flow between bottles.

Customized Metal Wine Racking Design

VintageView Metal Wine Racks - Floor to Ceiling

VintageView Metal Wine Racks – Floor to Ceiling

VintageView metal racking solutions are offered in custom heights, to fit any available space in a wine storage room.

They are available in different depths (e.g. single, double, triple), that can greatly increase the storage capacity of a custom wine cellar.

The floor-to-ceiling mount from Vintage View is a racking design that ascends from the floor to the ceiling.

The metal wine racks are securely fastened to the ceiling and floor, and can be placed anywhere in a wine cellar (such as in the middle of the room, or right next to the glass windows).

Black Pearl, Antique Brown, Brushed Nickel, and Rustic Red are some of the metal plated finishes available, to provide Vintage View metal racking a custom appearance.

All of these wine rack features and trends are an advantage to wine collectors and wine business owners.  These essentially spell what you are paying for, and how wines should be taken care of.


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