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Wine Cellar Racks – Laguna Beach California Home Wine Room Project

Installing a residential wine room that is both functional and elegant not only adds curb appeal to a home, but also provides convenience to the passionate oenophile. Having a private wine cellar allows wine collectors to enjoy their liquid collectibles at any time. They never have to go far to drink a glass or two…


Get Up-to-Date! What are the Latest Trends in Wine Cellar Racks?

Wine Storage and Wine Display Racks Wine storage and display racks are key components of proper wine storage. Their function is not only to provide a system for storing, displaying and organizing a wine collection, but also to facilitate the proper placement of wine bottles during storage. Wine racks are designed to hold bottles in a horizontal or tilted position, thereby allowing the continuous contact…


Wine Cellar Furniture for Residential Wine Rooms Newport Coast Beach California

Most modern homes now feature custom residential wine rooms, which allow collectors to display their liquid assets in a chic way.   A private wine cellar not only increases the curb appeal of a home, but also adds aesthetic value to its living space.  Residential wine rooms Newport Coast Beach California are carefully designed and constructed, in order to create an environment conducive to aging wines and entertaining friends.…