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Custom Design Features of a California Home Wine Cellar

Since there are many considerations in building a wine cellar, you must work with an experienced builder. At Vintage Cellars, their design team can cater to all of your construction needs whatever your budget and requirements are. Learn how they completed a wine cellar extension in California. Important Considerations in Building a Wine Cellar Extension…


Residential Custom Wine Cellar Construction Project in Irvine, California 

The most ideal type of wine storage structure is that which is not only functional and dependable, but also beautifully designed. Since the room will be used to display prized wine collections, it is only fitting that it is built to be aesthetically pleasing. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of the most trusted expert builders…


Tips on Organizing a Wine Collection in a Wine Cellar in Orange County, California

Wine collection is a hobby that more people are getting into each day. It all starts out fun and exciting, but as a wine collection grows, there should be a method of organizing wines applied, or else all will turn into chaos and headaches. Learn a few of the most effective tips for organizing your wine in…