Custom Design Features of a California Home Wine Cellar

California Custom Wine Cellar Installation Project

California Custom Wine Cellar Installation Project 

Since there are many considerations in building a wine cellar, you must work with an experienced builder. At Vintage Cellars, their design team can cater to all of your construction needs whatever your budget and requirements are. Learn how they completed a wine cellar extension in California.

Important Considerations in Building a Wine Cellar Extension

A homeowner wanted to double the size of their existing residential wine cellar. Vintage Cellars constructed the original wine room in 2008.

In 2013, they were asked by the client to start the extension project. There were important factors that they had to consider to meet all for the storage and aesthetics requirements.

Architectural Details of the Wine Cellar Exterior

The owner did not want to lose the view of the ocean from the different rooms. So, Vintage Cellars made sure that everything was in place and that the physical appearance of the house would not be affected by the architectural changes needed for the wine room’s extension.

The two condensers, which were placed outside this California home cellar, were unnoticeable. Vintage Cellars installed the ventilation grills for the hot air exhaust inside the condensing unit. They constructed the grills to match the existing physical structure of the home.

The French drain, which was placed in a planter on one side, allowed the condensate and line sets to be hidden inside.

Important Elements in Wine Cellar Construction

Attractive Sapele Mahogany Wooden Wine Racks

Attractive Sapele Mahogany Wooden Wine Racks

The main reason for investing in a climate-controlled wine storage area is to preserve the quality of the wine for many years to come.

As one of the most trusted builders in California, Vintage Cellars makes sure that every home wine cellar design they create will be the safest place for their client’s collection.

Proper Insulation and Installation of the Vapor Barrier

Wine can age gracefully if stored in a cellar that was built by a knowledgeable builder like Vintage Cellars.

They properly install every element in the construction of the wine cellar to ensure that it can protect wine from being damaged by external factors. Proper insulation and installation of the vapor barrier play a significant role in the proper maturation of wine.

Before the installation of the wine cooling system, the walls, ceiling, door, and flooring must be insulated correctly to prevent variable humidity levels. Poor or no insulation will deteriorate wine easily, resulting in a waste of investment.

Without proper insulation, there will be a high risk of mold and mildew growth, which can cause warping of your wall studs. It can also damage the quality of the wine and the labels.

Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

On this home wine cellar installation project in California, Vintage Cellars used 5 ½ inches of closed-cell polyicynene vapor barrier to insulate the walls. Closed-cell spray foam can be used both as insulation and vapor barrier.

The R-value was 7.7 per inch, which was high enough for the thickness of the wine room. This type of insulation can save you more money than other insulation options because of its better insulating properties. It also exceeds the regulations for fire rating in California.

The wallboard material used on the walls can be textured or painted. Recessed and dense shield airtight sealed cans were placed on all of the walls.

High-Quality and Well-Sealed Wine Room Door for a Home Wine Cellar in California

Wine Cellar Door California  Installation

Wine Cellar Door California Installation

Every wine cellar door must be made from an exterior grade material and is 1 3/4” thick so that it can withstand the humid conditions in a refrigerated wine cellar. An entryway constructed from a low-grade material is more likely to warp.

Additionally, it must also be equipped with sealing components, which will keep the cool air from escaping and the warm air from entering through the gaps around the door.

Weather stripping and an automatic door bottom can help create an airtight seal in the wine room.

Thermally insulated glass panels were used for the door of this recently extended wine cellar, to prevent UV rays from damaging the wines.

New Racking Sections for Additional Storage Space and Functionality

Custom Wine Rack Display California Installation Project

Custom Wine Rack Display California Installation Project

Since the goal of Vintage Cellars was to double the size of the existing wine cellar, they opened a couple of spaces on the first wall to provide a wide storage space for more bottles. They added attractive coved trays for the client’s large format bottles.

They incorporated the label-forward wine rack display in the second wall. The labels are facing out, allowing the owner to browse specific wines with ease.

This area can accommodate both 750ml and magnum bottles at the top and bottom sections.

A space for the client’s mini car collection, decanters, and other wine accouterment was created in the middle of the racking. A back mirror and lighting fixtures were added to achieve an eye-catching display.

For the third wall, upon entering the wine cellar, Vintage Cellars added new single column wine racks and custom cabinets with scalloped neck supports. They also provided a space where the owner can stack all of his wine boxes.

The last two walls in the wine room were designed to accommodate 98 bottles in large rack openings, 26 bottles in custom cabinets with scalloped neck supports, 32 bottles in coved trays, and 288 bottles in individual wine racks.

Additional Rolling Wine Cellar Ladder

California Home Wine Cellar Extension ProjectDuring the first installation of this wine room, they added a hook ladder. It can be removed from the railing to transfer from one wall to another.

However, Vintage Cellars thought that it would be difficult to move around the different areas of the cellar because the ladder was very tall. What they did was to add another hook ladder for convenience in accessing all of the wines in the room.

Work with an Expert Designer on Your Next Project

If you are looking for a professional builder who can design and install your dream wine cellar in your California home, Vintage Cellars can help you. Their innovative solutions will provide your prized collection a safe and elegant wine storage place. Contact them today at +1-800-876-8789 or request a custom wine cellar design for FREE!

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