Another Small Room was Converted Into a Beautiful Home Wine Cellar in California

Custom Wine Cellar Under the Stairs California

Elegant Custom Home Wine Cellar by California Master Builders

One of the dilemmas faced by homeowners is finding a location to store their wine collection. Most of them think that a large room is required for their project. In California, a master builder created a wine cellar design that suited the shape and size of their client’s space under the stairs.

Your Wine Cellar Can be Built in a Small and Irregular Shaped Room with the Help of an Expert

Storing your wines in an area with poor conditions will harm your collection. Wine deteriorates easily when exposed to too much heat.

It requires stable temperatures and variable humidity levels to preserve its bouquet. To achieve this, investing in a climate-controlled wine cellar is recommended.

Custom Wine Cellar Under the Stairs Vancouver BCOne of the important steps to make in wine cellar construction is to identify the space where you want to store your collection.

Keep in mind that you don’t need a big room for your wine cellar. You can build it in a walk-in closet, garage, or even under your staircase.

You have to find a professional builder who is willing to assist you throughout the planning stage, construction stage, up to and after the completion of your wine room. They must be able to provide you with an innovative solution that will meet your aesthetic, functional, and financial requirements.

Wine Cellar Installation Project Under the Stairs

In California, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars was contacted by a homeowner who wanted to transform an unused space under the stairs into an elegant wine room. As one of the most trusted builders, they always make sure that all of the specific needs of their clients are met.

Designing and Building the Wine Room

California Custom Wine Cellar Under the Stairs

3D Drawing Custom Wine Cellar California

At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, they want every wine cellar to be visually appealing and safe. After a careful assessment of the client’s needs, they created 3-dimensional drawings.

The basic design package, which is free, includes the room’s dimension, various elevations of the racking, and bottle capacities.

The space is located in the main living area. It has a depth of 4 feet, and length of 12.5 feet. The sloping ceiling of the room posed a big challenge to the builder. However, this did not stop them from building a stellar residential wine cellar under the stairs.

The client asked Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to close all sides of the room and use wood for the wine racks. The wine refrigeration system was chosen carefully to ensure that the optimum conditions were met. A safe lighting system was installed to illuminate the wine display safely and beautifully.

Room Preparation Before the Wine Cellar Construction

How the room was prepared prior to construction plays a significant role in keeping the wine safe from harmful external factors. Heat is the number one enemy of wine. Thus, a stable temperature is required in wine storage spaces.

Insulation of the Walls, Ceiling, and Door

California Wine Cellar Insulation

California Wine Cellar Insulation

The walls, ceiling, and the door of a wine cellar must be well-insulated in order to prevent extreme changes in temperatures.

Room insulation will help achieve the perfect environment needed by wine to preserve its quality. Temperature fluctuations can alter the wine’s chemical properties, resulting in off-flavors and aroma.

A wine cellar with poor insulation or no insulation at all will force your wine cooling system to work harder.

When this happens, you will have higher energy consumption. Well-insulated wine cellars can help keep your electric bills low and prevent breakdowns of your refrigeration unit.

For this custom wine cellar built under the stairs in a California home, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars had to bring down the walls of the room to install the insulation and vapor barrier. After the demolition, they installed a new type of drywall, which was intended for climate-controlled wine rooms.

Sleek Wine Rack System for a Small Space

With many materials to choose from, it can be difficult to choose one that best suits the theme of your home and your aesthetic needs. With the help of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, an experienced builder, you can store your collection in high quality and beautiful wine racks. They always want to create stellar wine displays for their clients.

On this project, they used a combination of racking styles. They utilized the back wall for the entire racking. The room’s height was approximately 6 feet. They were able to create a wine rack design that would accommodate more or less 360 bottles.

Sophisticated Wine Rack Features

California Under Stairs Wine Cellar Showing Sloping Ceiling with Pot Lights

Under Stairs Wine Cellar Showing the Wooden Wine Racks

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars added rack openings at the top section to accommodate 750ml bottles individually. They also included a high reveal display which was divided into three sections; two of which displayed standard bottles, while the third was intended for magnum bottles.

This row displays the bottles at an angle to prevent the cork from drying out. This will prevent the cork from losing its sealing ability and elasticity.

Dry cork shrinks and becomes brittle, allowing an unwanted amount of oxygen to mix with the wine. Oxidation happens, resulting in wine spoilage.

The lower section of the racking consists of diamond bins, which maximizes the capacity of the small wine cellar. With the diamond bins, homeowners who buy wines in bulk can organize their fine wines according to variety and style. The divider in each diamond bin can be removed to provide space for wooden cases.

Racking Material for a Classic Wine Cellar in California

Custom Wine Cellar Under the Stairs California

Front View of Under Stairs Custom Wine Cellar California

Wood has always been a popular choice in wine rack construction. It exudes warmth and timeless beauty. Wooden wine racks have the ability to blend well with both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Additionally, they can be customized for a unique wine display. Knotty Alder was used in this custom wine cellar project in California.

It has tight knots, straight grain patterns, and an even texture that added character to the wine racks. An Early American stain was applied for a more polished look.

Wall, Door, and Wine Cooling System

Custom Wine Cellar Under the Stairs California Builders

Custom Wine Cellar California with Glass Door and Walls Framed in Wood

The owner wanted to see his wine collection from outside of the cellar. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars decided to use glass framed with wood.

The glass panels were insulated to prevent the UV rays from damaging the wines. The wall and door were insulated and sealed to help regulate the storage conditions in the room.

For the cooling system, a KoolR Magnum unit was installed. It was placed at the top of the racking, through the back of the cellar. KoolR Magnum units are ideal for small wine rooms.

Turn Your Space into a Functional Wine Room

Planning to build a wine cellar in your California home? Blue Grouse Wine Cellars can help you! Contact them today at +1-888-400-2675!

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